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Driving road freight towards a more sustainable future!

Econogy is a cleantech startup that develops and supplies drive and steering systems for trailers. Econogy derives from the words ecology and economy, the two main drivers in today’s road freight industry. Both words are often seen as the two contradictions, but in fact derive from the same Greek root, eco, meaning house. Ecology means “study of the house” and economy means “management of the house”, suggesting the two are part of the same larger idea.
Road freight is responsible for 9% of the global CO2 emissions. To meet the target of the Paris Agreement, emissions need to decline almost 60% by 2050 despite an expected doubling of road freight volume. The European Green Deal set targets to reduce CO2 emissions of trucks by 15% in 2025 and 30% in 2030. In contrary ACEA expects only 4% of the total truck fleet to be electric by 2030, meaning the targets will not be achieved with electric trucks only!


We believe the road freight industry needs to be driven towards a more sustainable future.
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We strive to create the most accessible energy and tyre wear reducing equipment for the road freight industry.
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Each trailer equipped with our products, will reduce truck emissions by 15% in 2025 and 30% in 2030, while reducing the total cost of ownership.
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Why Steer? Trailers equipped with ySteer benefit from improved maneuverability and reduced tyre scrub. This means less tyre wear, reduced fuel consumption, reduced emissions and additionally fewer road surface and body damages.
ySteer explained
Why Drive? Trailers equipped with yDrive turn each fuel truck into a hybrid! Regenerative braking charges a battery pack while decelerating. A zero-emission power boost is provided while accelerating, resulting in reduced fuel consumption.
yDrive expained
CO2 emission and fuel consumption *

up to 30% less

Emission and fuel consumption
Tyre wear *

up to 50% less

Tyre wear
* Based on simulations with a semi-trailer with two rigid axles and one steered axle, peri-urban routes, 100,000 km annually, 3.5 litre per km and €1.00 per litre.
Return on investment *

within 3 years



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